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Geysir Skrimsli

Geysir Skrimsli

Geysir the skrímsli was formed in the shadows from the flickering light of an oil lamp in a turf house near Geysir. Outside steam rose into the air from nearby geothermal springs that the family used to cook their food, clean their clothes and bathe in.


Sometimes when all the work was done the family went into the baths, relaxed and enjoyed themselves into the night. Geysir would bathe with them in the warm waters.


Geysir brings good health and purity to those around him. He encourages us to relax and cleanse our body and spirit. He possesses the power of transformation. He can change matter; water into steam, steam into snow, and snow into rain. He is a skrímsli of good health, purity and calmness.

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