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Hraundis Skrimsli

Hraundis Skrimsli

Hraundis the skrimsli was formed in the shadows from the flickering light of an oil lamp in a turf house that was surrounded by monstrous rock formations. Snæfellsjökul glacier, which many believe possesses great positive energy, towered over the farm like a protective force. 


The farmer and his wife had 14 children who used to play in the lava and see all sorts of trolls and elves take shape in the black rocks. Sometimes Hraundís would find minerals and valuable stones in the rock and leave them as little presents for the children. 


Hraundís brings wealth to those around her. She is faithful and generous. She is loyal and trustworthy and always has her fet on the ground. She is a Skrimsli of riches and fortune. 

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