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Volcano Skrimsli

Volcano Skrimsli

Volcano the skrímsli var formed in the shadows from the flickering light of an oil lamp in a turf house at Hekla’s foothill. Outside the magnificent volcano reigned in all its glory.


Hekla is one of the most active and most known volcanos in Iceland and is often named the queen of Icelandic volcanos. Deep in the ground the creative force of the land itself awaits and regularly breaks free and forms the land a new.

The family that build the farm had deep respect for the power of the volcano that regularly erupted and was constantly changing. Amongst them were poets and artists, craftsmen, and textile artist that received inspiration from the volcano. Volcano enjoyed listening to them reciting poems and looking at the beautiful artwork they had made. He did not fear the volcanic activity and protected the people on the farm. Like the volcano itself his looks are constantly changing.

Volcano is creative, passionate, and courageous. He activates our creativity and fills people with inspiration. He gives us courage to follow our dreams and to face changes.

  • The looks will be a surprise!

    Please note that Volcano is an ever changing character, so it is not possible to order a specific one! 

    It will have a black body and red hair. The rest will be a surprise! 

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