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The Skrimslis

Can you imagine this little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? 

Well, it was here a long, long time ago in the land of fire and ice, a land we call Iceland where the Skrimslis were born. 

In the old days when the people of Iceland still lived in turf houses with only oil lamps to light their homes, they sometimes saw all kinds of ogres and strange creatures taking shape from the shaddows of the flickering light. And that is how the Skrimslis came to be. Each and every one of them had their very own special life, living in turf houses with their people. Can you imagine the stories each of the Skrimslis have to tell?

However, Iceland evolved, and soon all homes were furnished with electricity. All the Skrimslis experienced the same fate. To survive, they needed to flee the overbearing and luminous electric lighting and new buildings. With sheer perseverance, they all moved to the lava fields, living in caves in a land they now call Lavaland. 

A land surrounded by the beautiful nature of Iceland. Life had not gotten worse for these sailent creatures, but it was different, and they needed to adjust to it. 

In truth, the change was not so bad because they loved how nature embraced them. Before they rummaged through the garbage in the turf houses to find food, but now they live on blueberries, pines, and other gourmet delicacies nature provides. 

The trolls in Iceland protect the Skrimslis from the dangers looming around them, and the elves are their special friends who know all of their secrets. If you ever meet a Skrimsli out in the lava field, be sure to greet it. By greeting a Skrimsli, it will bestow on you a special sign of good luck and prosperity that will follow you in years to come. 

two boys in a workshop

Have you heard about our workshop?

Would you like to visit us and make your own Skrimsli?

As of 2023 we can finally offer our customers the opportunity to visit us. Located just 20 minutes from Reykjavik center, surrounded by beautiful nature and birdlife, we can promise you an extraordinary and unique experience.

We really look forward to welcoming you


We have a saying in Iceland; „ Need teaches a naked woman to spin yarn “. Well that was certainly the case in the world of The Skrimslis. 

Our business

Monstri ehf is a small family business situated in the capital area of Iceland. We make the little wool monsters by hand with high quality Icelandic wool.  


The Skrimslis have so far only been sold to stores and online. But as of 2023 we opened our workshop which gives us the opportunity to greet our customers in person and let them create their own little Skrimsli.  So if you are travelling in Iceland and looking for a unique experience, then you have definitely come to the right place!

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